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JJ Vinyl Bundle
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JJ Vinyl Bundle

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Julia Jacklin Vinyl Bundle



+ 'Crushing'  Grren Splatter LP Vinyl 

+ 'Don't Let The Kids Win'  Pink Marble LP Vinyl 

+ 'Phantastic Ferniture'  Pink LP Vinyl 


'Crushing'  Green Splatter LP Vinyl 


1. Body
2. Head Alone
3. Pressure To Party
4. Don't Know How To Keep Loving You
5. When The Family Flies In
6. Convention
7. Good Guy
8. You Were Right
9. Turn Me Down
10. Comfort

'Don't Let The Kids Win'  Marble Pink LP Vinyl 


1. Pool Party
2. Leadlight
3. Coming of Age
4. Elizabeth
5. Motherland
6. Small Talk
7. LA Dream
8. Sweet Step
9. Same Airport, Different Man
10. Hay Plain
11. Don't Let The Kids Win

'Phantastic Ferniture'  Pink LP Vinyl 


1. Uncomfortable Teenager
2. Bad Timing
3. Fuckin 'N’ Rollin
4. Gap Year
5. Take It Off
6. Parks
7. I Need It
8. Dark Corner Dance Floor
9. Mumma Y Papa